Who We Are

Based in Kabul, the Organization for Social Research and Analysis (OSRA) is a nonpartisan and non-governmental organization. Our mission at OSRA is to facilitate fact-based research and promote transparency to support the development of good governance. We are working towards sustainable development by promoting transparency and accountability. To this end, we rely on proven methods of scientific research and provide evidence-based and high-quality data analysis.

In today’s digital age, knowledge is power, and we can’t deny it. So, our interdisciplinary team of social scientists, computer engineers, statisticians, analysts, and media experts continuously pursue innovation. We strive to yield optimum solutions, generate results, and provide precise analysis.

At OSRA, we understand that information and knowledge are going to shape our future and that are common goods in this day and age. We present these common goods in a meaningful way. Our experts ensure that our clients and the public have access to easy-to-read, comprehensible, well visualized, and impactful data in real-time.

Use data to achieve sustainable development – reduce poverty, curb gender inequality and promote transparency and accountability.

To facilitate fact-based scientific research and analysis and to enhance public empowerment through the use of innovative technologies.

Integrity Transparency Public Empowerment Excellence Innovation Objectivity