Socio Economic Research

Socio-economic research is a necessity to make critical decision successful. At OSRA, our experts work continuously to improve intelligent decision-making processes by making cross-comparable data analysis and carrying out high-quality data-driven research for socio-economic questions. Alongside supplying statistical data for micro and macroeconomics, we provide critical information about attitude changes and demographics.

We conduct data-driven socio-economic research to analyze the economy and how it is impacted by social, ecological and political activities that shape society at large, i.e., how and why socio-economic progress  regresses, stagnate and moves forward. By implementing effective strategies to define the relationship between economic behavior and social behavior, our experts work towards creating a holistic understanding for change and opportunities.

At OSRA, we are committed to improving the quality of life for Afghan citizen. To this end, we offer our services with the aim of ensuring that public services enter a process of improvement and increased access. We want to raise awareness and build accountability to empower society. We employ a wide range of methodologies and techniques to ensure that we strive to make our goal a success.

“Analyze economic and social behavior and offer tailored approaches to respond quickly and efficiently to pressing issues”

Picture of a market place indicative of the impact of socio-economic reseach in Afghanistan

With this in mind, we design tailored approaches and utilize international standard methodologies in our work and products. This makes it possible for us to effectively work on socio-economic research projects and respond quickly and efficiently to current issues and also meet our client’s requirements. We interwine traditional tried and tested techniques with the latest technology-based approaches and use effective combination of methodologies to bring projects to life.

Our approach