Public Opinion Polls

To achieve our vision and mission, we believe in determining and reflecting the public opinion on a wide range of issues. We believe that the voice of every citizen matters, and it needs to get heard. Therefore, to empower individuals and the public as a whole, we conduct opinion polls, large-scale surveys and snap-polls. It is a vital element of our research work at Organization for Social Research and Analysis. Here at OSRA we offer our public opinion poll services to ensure that the opinions of individuals and communities are not only listened to but also taken on board during critical decision-making processes.

People in a gathering discussing the importance of public opinion polls in Afghanistan
Operator conducting a telefon interview for public opinion polls at OSRA

As experts in the field, we understand just how important opinion polls are in transforming societies and voicing peoples opinion and views within any functioning democracy. In line with our mission, values, and vision, we follow an unbiased approach, and we conduct all public opinion polls in a non-partisan manner. We continuously improve and implement the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technology for the benefit of society. Alongside the traditional polling techniques and methods, we use modern techniques to diversify data collection and get better, accurate and reliable analytics.

Our team employs complex sampling techniques and cross-cutting approaches for maximizing efficiency and minimizing the margin of error. We take the required steps to eliminate any possibility of sampling errors during the polling process. We go above and beyond to avoid all sorts of response bias, coverage bias, poorly worded questions, and false correlations. We help our clients gain a comprehensive dataset that allows them to make the most relevant decisions.

“Opinion-polls matter to maximize the impact and to give people a voice. OSRA’s approach remains unmatched in opinion-polls in Afghanistan”

Our approach