Decision Support System

At the Organization for Social Research and Analysis (OSRA) we collect data with a non-partisan and unbiased approach and take it on board in a wide range of high-quality data and research services that we provide.  We understand that it is not only important to obtain complete datasets of relevant information in order to make intelligent critical decisions, it is also vital to have the right solutions to monitor and analyse the datasets. We help our clients by offering an extensive array of real-time, smart information systems and solutions that allow optimisation and automation of their work and business operations and enable them to make the right decision during critical moments.

Our information and decision support systems use information harvested from large complex datasets. By analyzing this information and portraying it in an impactful way, we can make it useful for our customers and the society. We have made it possible through intense innovation and rigorous efforts using real-time visualization platforms to ensure the implementation of well-informed decisions to benefit individuals and the Afghan society as a whole.

We continuously test and utilize the latest technological advancements along with traditional and internationally recognized methods. We mold them to get in-line with the goals and aims of our customer’s requirements. With our reliable and trustworthy solutions, we ensure accurate information on time.


Through our decision support systems we make continuous efforts to create a simplified approach to complex processes for quick and reliable decision-making.

We do data analysis by information provisioning and decision support systems developed by us. When paired with our socio-economic research services and public opinion polls, our systems solutions provide the required direction to implement policies, ideas and projects. 

OSRA can be helpful for government authorities, private sector industries, international agencies, and individual researchers. Our products are built with impartiality and neutrality in mind, aiming to enhance and improve the lives of the Afghan people.


Our approach